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Ministers confronted by R350 grant applicants outside Social Sector Summit

On Thursday, 4 August 2022, members of the amandla.mobi community protested outside the Presidential Social Sector Summit in Boksburg. Protesters demanded that the Department of Social Development urgently fixes R350 grant problems because Sassa had stopped paying the grant to millions. They also highlighted barriers to applying for the grant, non-payments, delays with appeals and poor communication from Sassa. Holding huge letters and placards, protesters also communicated their demand to turn the R350 grant into a Basic Income Grant funded by taxing the rich. Read More

Social Grants Survey

For years we have campaigned for social grant increases. But it's not just the amount of money that is not enough, there are lots of problems applying for and receiving social grants. amandla.mobi is not connected to SASSA or DSD and cannot help each person with their problems getting their social grant. But what we can do is come together and demand SASSA address issues with social grants. But we need evidence. That's why we're asking people to share their experiences by completing our survey. Read More

R350 Grant Survey

Together we helped force President Ramaphosa to bring back the R350 grant. But the grant was not increased, and many people are still having problems getting the grant. We are a small NGO, so we cannot help each person get it. But what amandla.mobi can do, is demand that SASSA fixes the problems people are having. We need more information about these problems to show SASSA that they must urgently act. That’s why we’re asking members of our community, people like you, to share your experiences by doing our survey. Read More

Tech Director Position

amandla.mobi is looking for a Tech Director who is committed to using tech to help build real power for Black people, especially low-income Black women. Read More

Applications open for 2020 Campaigner Fellowship

The amandla.mobi Campaigner Fellowship is designed for Black women writers and community organisers to receive training in best practice campaigning, intensive coaching and hands-on practical experience in running campaigns. Read More

Help Casual Workers Advice Office rebuild by donating

*Update* Thank you to all our members. We raised over R35,000 for Casual Workers Advice Office. One of amandla .mobi’s partners, the Casual Workers Advice Office (CWAO), had their offices looted and burnt on the night of Monday 2 September [1]. This is a major blow to an organisation that has stood side by side with casual workers to fight for dignity, by providing organising support and free legal advice. Just last year they won a Constitutional Court victory against labour brokers, to ensure better wages and benefits for workers [2].Our friends at CWAO have vowed to not let this attack stop their work. But they have lost things very important for their work like computers, printers and furniture. We have worked closely with CWAO on many important campaigns and thanks to them, we’ve secured countless victories for worker’s rights. As amandla .mobi member we can make sure our friends at CWAO continue to make an impact by chipping in R20 each here: https://www.givengain.com/cc/cwao/ or follow the work of CWAO on Facebook. If all of us give as much as we can, it will go a long way. Together we can help rebuild the CWAO office and support their work against xeno/afrophobia. Read More