Regulators must ensure that their processes are user-friendly, functional and accessible, otherwise what's the point? Read more

The Covid-19 pandemic has had devastating financial consequences on many households in Mzansi. The cost of food continues to rise, unemployment is rising and many people are unable to generate income. Read more

Employers are responsible for ensuring that they provide safe working conditions for their employees by taking all necessary COVID-19 precautions. Read more

In the midst of a pandemic, many people have had to return to work. This means they are at a higher risk of contracting the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease Covid-19. Read more

The government’s response to COVID-19 has laid bare a number of truths that existed prior to the start of the pandemic: high levels of inequality and high levels of unemployment (currently at 30% and projected to increase to 50%). Read more

Mobile network operators should zero-rate local news sites during this crisis. Potentially life-saving information should be available to everyone, even if they cannot afford to pay to access it. Read more

We are educators in the post-school education sector across South Africa. We have come together in various fora over the past month to discuss principles, practices and possibilities for learning and teaching in South Africa during and after the COVID-19 Global Disaster. Read more

Vodacom took a step in the right direction when it announced that it would be dropping data prices from the 1st April and this price reduction is only the first one. Read more

As we have seen in different parts of the world, overcoming this pandemic will require that every sector of society step out of the ‘business as usual’ logic. Read more

From protesting outside the high court, completing ICASA's submissions, the slashing of the out-of-bundle rates by Vodacom in October 2017, the ICASA end-user regulations implemented and the Competition Commission's ruling on mobile network operators dropping data prices by 30% to 50%. Below is is a full timeline of the Data Must Fall Campaign. Read more