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Help Casual Workers Advice Office rebuild by donating

*Update* Thank you to all our members. We raised over R35,000 for Casual Workers Advice Office. One of amandla .mobi’s partners, the Casual Workers Advice Office (CWAO), had their offices looted and burnt on the night of Monday 2 September [1]. This is a major blow to an organisation that has stood side by side with casual workers to fight for dignity, by providing organising support and free legal advice. Just last year they won a Constitutional Court victory against labour brokers, to ensure better wages and benefits for workers [2].Our friends at CWAO have vowed to not let this attack stop their work. But they have lost things very important for their work like computers, printers and furniture. We have worked closely with CWAO on many important campaigns and thanks to them, we’ve secured countless victories for worker’s rights. As amandla .mobi member we can make sure our friends at CWAO continue to make an impact by chipping in R20 each here: or follow the work of CWAO on Facebook. If all of us give as much as we can, it will go a long way. Together we can help rebuild the CWAO office and support their work against xeno/afrophobia. Read More