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Government Covid-19 relief efforts have failed the poor

The government’s response to COVID-19 has laid bare a number of truths that existed prior to the start of the pandemic: high levels of inequality and high levels of unemployment (currently at 30% and projected to increase to 50%). One in six people work in the informal sector; these jobs are often precarious, fleeting and poorly paid. When lockdown commenced, the government announced various relief measures, which seemed like an impressive thumbs up to the plight of the poor. Yet 100+ days into lockdown, we are forced to reckon with whether government relief measures were for those who really needed them the most. Read More

Applications open for 2020 Campaigner Fellowship

The Campaigner Fellowship is designed for Black women writers and community organisers to receive training in best practice campaigning, intensive coaching and hands-on practical experience in running campaigns. Read More

An NHI for the people is important and possible

*Update* Thank you to all our members and partners. Together we submitted over 170,000 public submissions calling for a NHI that works for the people. This is an important first step towards shaping the delivery of quality healthcare for all. Read More