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Demand better mental health services for our children

Millions of children around the country are struggling with their mental health, yet only 1 in every 10 children with a mental disorder is able to access care. We, therefore, call on the Minister of Health, Dr Joe Phaahla, to close the treatment gap and prioritise child and adolescent mental… Read More

Stop closed door meetings between government and big business

The people, not profit, should govern. But some big businesses have used their power to influence decisions. From wining and dining [1] to bullying, we have seen how some big businesses have tried to stop or delay taxes [2] [3], better wages for workers [4] and cheaper medication [5]. We,… Read More

Lindiwe, what happened to the R600 million in Rent Relief?

National Department of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation do your job and urgently: 1. Prioritise tenants whose income has been most affected by the pandemic; 2. Publish the policy document detailing to whom and how the R600 million will be allocated; 3. Provide clear timelines for when the… Read More