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A case for Basic Income Support

The Covid-19 pandemic has had devastating financial consequences on many households in Mzansi [1]. The cost of food continues to rise [2], unemployment is rising and many people are unable to generate income. This situation is going to continue to worsen and many households will continue to go hungry or go into debt unless they have money to provide for themselves and have the dignity to improve their lives. Read More

Vodacom drops data prices

Vodacom took a step in the right direction when it announced that it would be dropping data prices from the 1st April and this price reduction is only the first one. It is the first network to settle with the Competition Commission rather than face prosecution. Read More

Data Must Fall timeline

The Data Must Fall campaign has had high's and lows. From protesting outside the high court, completing ICASA's submissions, the slashing of the out-of-bundle rates by Vodacom in October 2017, the ICASA end-user regulations implemented and the Competition Commission's ruling on mobile network operators dropping data prices by 30% to 50%. Below is is a full timeline of the Data Must Fall Campaign. Read More