Basic Income Support for people aged 18 to 59 NOW!

We call on the government to fulfil its constitutional and international obligation to provide social security by providing social assistance for those aged 18 – 59, including caregivers who receive the child support grant.
Now more than ever this is important, as we face deepening levels of unemployment and other effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on Mzansi households already burdened with hunger [1].

We demand that the government:

1. Implement permanent social assistance for those aged 18 to 59 valued at the upper-bound poverty line, currently R1417.00 per month. Caregivers, who receive the Child Support Grant, must qualify for this grant;
2. Make the COVID-19 grant increases of R250 per month permanent for all social grants;
3. Ensure that the above provisions apply to refugees, permanent residents, asylum seekers and migrant workers with special permits; and
4. Work towards a universal basic income.